Top Cross platform mobile development tool

For a while now, we have been searching for the perfect development platform for development on mobile devices. Did we find it? The answer is probably ….”Still Searching”. But we came across some really neat tools that we wouldn’t mind sharing with developers and some of our clients.

Essentially what you need to figure out is what do you intend to accomplish during your development. Simply speaking, there could only be three things

  1. Its a background process on the phone ( like intercept SMS or Start a call)
  2. Its a hybrid app ( such as something that access the contact book on the phone, as well as the web), also known as mobile-web sometimes.
  3. Its a complete web application, just runs on mobile

Now for our development purposes, #2 and #3 is most realistic, although there are some cases where we have to touch #1. For the purpose of this article, we will leave out #1. But a lot of the solutions that we will introduce on this article,  also takes care of a subset of core phone apps as in #1. Here are some of the best apps for iphone.

Ok so here are our research results