Weblogic Server: How to make sure the JSP’s refresh on weblogic

I couldn’t get my head around this problem for a very long time. Basically there is are xml files that tells weblogic what to do in a global level, and then you can specify in application level as well.

All you have to do is find the weblogic.xml file ( if your application has one, then that is the one to change)

and look/add/modify the file so it has the following


  • Keepgenerated -> Tells weblogic to keep the java class files for easy debugging
  • pageCheckSecond -> if its -1, weblogic will not refresh jsps. so we set it to 0.
  • verbose: lets you see debug messages in the application
  • Precompile: Does not precompile the jsp
Make sure you are aware that this is basically intended during development. You really do not want to do this in produciton. Also check if your server is running in production mode
Here is a detailed description of the weblogic.xml jsp parameters